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“Okay, tomorrow’s the day. This is it.” I said to my manfriend. I looked at him waiting to hear reluctance in his voice, prepared for him to question if I was actually sure, I was ready to leave my job of over 6 years. But I heard none of that. “It‘s finally here.” he said confidently and gave me a smile. He and I both knew I was MORE than ready. I had been waiting for this day since I knew the word “entrepreneurship.” Once I knew what an entrepreneur was, I knew that was what I was meant to be. It would be a long road to get me there, but I was determined.

Entrepreneurship to me meant being there for my children when I start to raise a family. It meant having the ability to set my own salary and never wonder if I was at risk of being let go due to factors outside of my control. It was about freedom.

And in July of 2013, I became fully self-employed for the first time in my life.

But the journey getting there wasn’t easy. And to be honest, I didn’t have it in me to take that courageous leap everyone talks about – I took it in baby steps.

In March of 2012, I asked my employer if I could start coming into work 2 days a week, instead of 5, so I could work on my own business. I gave up my salary and benefits for a dream.

In the beginning, it was TOUGH. I spent my 3 “entrepreneur days” each week watching videos and searching the internet for millionaire success stories trying to figure out how THEY did it and how I could apply their lessons to MY business. This was fun, but a waste of time. Searching took forever and I had to look through a lot of crap before I found the real gems.

My first month on my own I made around $500. Nowhere near the amount I needed to match the salary I walked away from. I felt like I was failing. Even worse, I was praised for walking away from “the man” but every day I questioned my decision. I needed guidance, and I realized I couldn’t do it alone.

After 2 months of making little to nothing, my good friend Danielle Leslie told me about Marie Forleo’s program and how it could help me and my business. I looked into it skeptically… $2,000, I mean, really?! I watched the videos and googled the heck out of it trying to find negative reviews so I could save my money.

Ultimately, it was my heart that PULLED me to say yes. I felt like it was time to finally invest in me. I pressed that pink ENROLL button during the very last hour on the very last day of B-School signups and didn’t look back.

After that day EVERYTHING in my life changed.

  • I made back the $2k investment DURING the course of B-School
  • I became fully self-employed in June 2013
  • I had my first $10k month of self-employed revenue (which happened while I was working part time), and my highest month to date has been over $20k – this is all with a one-on-one service-based business. No programs and no passive income products.
  • Celebrities like Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele and Patti Stanger of The Millionaire Matchmaker have reached out to me to brand their online homes. They noted the way I spoke to them through my website was what prompted them to contact me. B-School taught me how to create a website with truly compelling copy that captured their trust.
  • I’ve stopped commuting/working 10 hour days/taking lunches in front of my computer
  • The B-School community shows me every day what is possible in business. My eyes are open to new opportunities and I’ve gained the confidence to explore them.
  • I’ve met and formed relationships with the most incredible people who are now some of my best friends. We lift each other up, support each other’s projects, and have a blast just hanging out. I didn’t know that there were like-minded people out there, and now I don’t know where I’d be without them.
  • I learned how to take anything I love and make it into a business. Business opportunities show up in my life every day and I’m so excited to say yes!
  • I annually earn well over double the salary I had as a senior designer at
  • I’ve been asked to speak at conferences and mentor other entrepreneurs. This has fed my soul more than anything and I am grateful.
  • I’ve earned well-over six figures in revenue
  • I finally have time to make my health a priority and have lost nearly 20 pounds. Food is no longer an escape. (My lunch hour always seemed like a mini vacation of indulgence.) I found that I love to exercise. (I never thought that would happen!)

So What Is B-School?

Marie Forelo’s B-School is an 8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence. It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.



This 8 week mentorship program is only available once each year, and will open again in February 2016. Because I personally have one-on-one calls with each person who signs up, I limit the seats in the mentorship to just 15 spots. If you would like to get on the VIP list and be first to know when seats are available enter your name and email below.

Meet Your Mentor


Krystle Rowry (or Kriss) creates fabulously iconic brands complete with a powerhouse online presence for women entrepreneurs. To put it simply, she makes websites that showcase the best YOU.

In July of 2014, Kriss was brought on to work side-by-side with Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele. Together they did everything from rebranding and launching Chrisette’s new website/brand, designing the cover art for Chrisette’s new album, and developing her independent record label Rich Hipster.

Last March, Kriss was brought on to Team Forleo to design Marie’s newest product The Copy Cure and redesign B-School for 2016.

Kriss spent 6+ years as a senior graphic designer at, creating marketing campaigns for the world’s top tier brands like Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Diesel, and more. She also received her Bachelor degree in Business and Economics with a concentration on Marketing. She continues to invest in her education learning from the best in the biz like Marie Forleo (Hey B-School Babes!), Pat Flynn and David Siteman Garland. Kriss currently lives in sunny Los Angeles.

You can find Kriss over at

The Come Up Collective is a 100% FREE mentorship program for those who enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School (aka the program that changed my life and helped me leave my full time job, work from home and create my 6-figure design business). To get more information and be first to know when spots are available enter your name and email below.